Design your photo before…..

Ever consider what you want your audience to “see” in your photo? This is a little different than just snapping images. It requires you to ‘plan’ what you shoot. In my case, it requires me to scan the scene ahead of time, evaluating the various aspects of what I see. Then, composing the photo in such a way as to bring a ‘message’ to the viewer. Many times this can be done in phototshop after the fact, but being conscious of what I want the viewer to come away with as a ‘message’. This requires eliminating any extraneous material from the image so that I can draw them into the image.

It also harkens back to using a tri-pod. Where will their eye go when viewing the image? How can I direct their view to the message? What is the message I want them to come away with?

It makes photography a much more important vehicle to communication.

Going Forward…

Hello faithful readers of my blog,

Thank you for taking such an interest in my work. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Some of you have noticed, I am publishing fewer posts. The truth is, my administrator at my business is leaving for a new opportunity. She has been responsible for making sure posts happen on time-ish. While I will miss her, I will try to keep posting. However, I expect I will be posting less regularly.

I so appreciate you following my photoblog. Please keep checking back.