Catch of the Day, Fisherman


4 thoughts on “Catch of the Day, Fisherman

  1. Yup…… native American fisherman at LaPush. I guess you could say his boat is functional, and that’s all he’s concerned about. He has no motor so he ‘poles’ out into the river to stretch his net. But I applaud him for his resourcefullness and he is producing food and income for his family. La Push by most American city standards is a rather depressed village, however they do much better than many native American villages that I have visited. They have lived and fished this river much the same for the last 800 years, with the exception of an aluminum boat vs a cedar canoe. And they hold onto much of their native values and traditions.
    When you see the rest of the village, you notice that cleanliness is a mater of pride and upbringing and apparently functionality. In his case, it’s not a mater of function.

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