Seven Things About Myself…. a.k.a. the Versatille Blogger Award

I want to give a great big thanks to Jane Sadek for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am honored she thought of me. Her blog has recently morphed into a beautiful travelog I enjoy reading every time. Part of the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award say I have to share seven things about myself with Jane. I thought it would be more fun to make this an open commentary since I don’t write often. So…

1) I played rugby in college.

2) I was an exercise physiology major, but ended up in advertising. Advertising lead to my photography passion.

3) I have been married to the same wonderful woman for almost 31 years.

4) Some friends and I took a plane trip to get some of  the first aerial photographs of Mt. St. Helens erupting.

5) Last year, we rescued a cat who showed up outside our door.

6) I have had to climb trees to escape bears.

7) Almost all of my photos are within meters of a road; the beauty I capture can largely be seen by anyone.

I hope you enjoyed these random things about me! Feel free to share some of your favorite memories and stories. As part of the nomination, I have the privilege to share 15 blogs I love and/or have recently discovered. These blogs are a hodgepodge of interesting and beautiful creations from all over the world. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

In no particular order, here are my Versatile Blogger Awards:

1) art and kitchen

2) canoe communications

3) Doli Siregar Photography

4) Light Touch

5) Putney Farm

6) Adrian Pym Photography

7) Photos by Ravi

8) Mooney’s Footprints

9) Leanne Cole Photography

10) Tau Zero

11) Adam Sawyer

12) The Sharecropper

13) Traveling with Krushworth

14) Jim Caffrey Images

15) Sethsnap


8 thoughts on “Seven Things About Myself…. a.k.a. the Versatille Blogger Award

  1. Congratulation! Very, very nice 7 About-You facts. Adrenaline rush sure works wonders. Mt. St. Helens is one of my goal mountain. And loving the reminder at the end.

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