Poll: Which composition do you prefer?

Below are five crops of the same image. Which composition do you prefer?



93 thoughts on “Poll: Which composition do you prefer?

    • Thank you for your response. I am shocked at the multitude of different reasons people prefer one over another. I thought we would have a strong majority for one image with a few who liked others.

  1. Wonderful problem to have when you start with a great photo. I like the fourth one the best since the valley draws me into the photo. I have come to expect the vast difference in opinions but it still seems strange.

  2. I love that they are all the same image. That said, my favorite was number three. I liked the sensation of standing on the edge and staring down at those beautiful rocks and yet the distance is wonderful, too.

  3. I like the 1st & 3rd for depth, but to choose between those I’d go with the first. The valley is somewhat distracting from the rocks. In the first I quickly focus on the rocks to the right. The rocks are beautiful and the color warm and inviting. I want to be standing on them looking over the valley

  4. Well it took me a while to establish the shot that I really thought was the best. When I’m looking for what I call the perfect shot I like to get a good balance of foreground, middle ground, and background (absolutely beautiful vista), then when I look for what thought was a bit distracting which was the foreground on the left, it was just to much. Your mid-range is perfect in the second shot, colors catch the eye but not to much. I know I’ve said a lot here, just am very picky when it comes to the great ones. So “#2” has my vote.

  5. First one — I like the blue sky contrasting with the mountain stone. In this picture you also have a sense of depth and height because you see the trees and valley between the stone of the mountain. I like number 2 second best — it has a nice horizontal quality, and again I like the contrast of the blue sky with the orange rock (complimentary colours!), but you lose the sense of depth and height because the valley is cropped out. Number 5 is third choice — I love the texture of the rock, but the sky looks washed out — I miss the blue contrast.

  6. The third – it gives you the overwhelming sensation of actually looking down at those majestic formations; you feel a lack of air to breathe and the icy bite of the breeze. Soooo #3 it is!!

  7. Actually I think I enjoyed your way of creating an interaction with your viewer. I totally believe in cropping . I find that The images resulting are the most engaging . Your photography is beautiful. Thanks for looking at my blog. My work is totally a creation of working with photo shop and other programs. While yours appears to be a wonderful working knowledge of your camera and what it will do for you. Oh! I suppose it would be number 4.

  8. Most decidedly the third. You’ve pretty much achieved the classic “S” curve that has the eye meandering through the lovely scene. Good job.

  9. Toss up between 1 and 3, feel strongly both ways. I have a photo of that same view from a recent trip, but not nearly as good, bad technique and cheap camera probably explains it.

  10. Mike, you make it difficult to choose! I like the first one because I can feel the rock’s texture and colors. But, then I am partial to close ups. They are all beautiful.

  11. I’m a big fan of panoramic landscapes, so I really appreciate crop #2. But at second view I have to say that I even prefer the only vertical, #4. Best regards and many thanks for your like on my photoblog, macingosh photography

  12. The first one. It gives me the feeling of being inside the photo. It also gives more of a feeling of the depth of the shot vertically (does that make sense?) I want to step down into that shot, follow the valley, and see where it leads. The fifth one loses that feeling for me, the valley between the rocks isn’t as tempting as in the first shot. They are all beautiful, but that first one is a bit more.

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