Earth Day poll

earthday Edward Abbey quote

Above are two nature quotes. Which image do you prefer? Why? (Because of the quote, the image, or the design? )

Thanks for your input!


27 thoughts on “Earth Day poll

  1. So hard to choose, but I’d go with the first one. The image really grabs me. I almost think the text across the second one distracts too much. Love both quotes…. so apt.

  2. the first, is more appealing the quote could be larger with out distracting. The second is distracting, the quote is great, just distracts from the photography. Depends on the intent. Nice pictures for backdrops.

  3. I like the first one. I believe it is effective in affecting three states of psychological affect, mood, emotions and it leaves you within a state of evaluation. Aesthetically this quote is balanced within the very dramatic frame, were in the second piece I feel a tension between the text and the image (although, I believe it may be justified, narratively).

    Well both pieces made me think and feel, and that I thank you for.

  4. I like the sunset because I like sunsets! Also, it’s more dramatic than the landscape photo. The quotes are nice but didn’t sway me either way.

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