Golden Eagle, Western Washingont




11 thoughts on “Golden Eagle, Western Washingont

  1. Mike, I tried getting a shot like this in the wild but the Eagle was just to far away. I had on my long range lense, cropped and tried to pull it closer. Just couldn’t make it happen. What kind of lense where you using? Love the shot by the way.

      • So may have been a dim-witted Eagle, interesting. (loi)
        I’ve been contemplating getting a good long range lense but think I will wait until I return to the states. Camera equipment in Russia is very expensive.

      • I know nothing about costs in Russia, however a few years ago, I sold all my film cameras and lens’ that wouldn’t fit the newer Canon digital cameras. I was surprised how many went via eBay to Russia. Personally I thought the shipping costs were outrageous, can’t remember just how much they were, but that didn’t seem to bother the buyer’s.

      • Mike you would be amazed at what kind of prices they can get for electronics and camera equipment here. It’s almost double here.So what ever they paid, well I’m sure they made a good profit.

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