18 thoughts on “Bear

      • He’s probably smelling you, I would guess. They’ve got such a great sense of smell and (from what I remember) don’t rely on their sense of vision as much — although there is an argument to how well they can see. On one extreme I’ve heard that you may be able to handle a black bear charge by waiting until is upon you, then side-stepping at the last moment. That’s not something I’d like to test!

    • We have to remember they are wild animals. This wasn’t a “close encounter” but I have had my share. I’ve also seen many people get too close to wildlife. They are amazing creatures.

  1. That’s cool that you were brave enough to go into that forest. Goodness, I’m too worried about all of the possible creepy crawleys (and snakes!) that might be around me, that I won’t venture in there. A great pic!

  2. I was watching a nature program last night and the photographer was photographing a big rhino. I couldn’t believe how close he walked up to this massive creature! I was yelling at my TV! Then I remembered that these animals have a poor sense of sight. Still, there’s nothing wrong with their sense of smell! The photographer ultimately got down on his stomach about 8-10 feet away and something spooked the rhino and I thought I was going to see the man get trampled! But he didn’t budge – he kept shooting and the rhino took off in the opposite direction. That was too risky in my book. I just marvel at some of the footage that photographers get and the risks they take. But I’ve also heard the stories about photographer’s children being bitten by a lion during filming, a well-known “environmentalist” and his girlfriend being eaten by a bear (just their bones remained), and recently, tigers that came upon a Korean filmmaker named Parks, who cooped himself up in a makeshift hole in the ground and tigers’ legs fell through the roof of the dwelling. He was lucky and was unharmed. He got fantastic footage and information about them. Last night I watched a nature program about leopards. The baby ones are so cute I can hardly stand it but as tame as these animals might appear to be at times, you’re right: they’re wild animals! Stay safe!

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