12 Must-See Oregon Destinations: The Oregon Coast

A number of my readers have commented regarding future visits to Oregon. In the spirit of encouraging travel, I will be highlighting my twelve favorite Oregon sights over the course of the next blogs.

The Oregon Coast

_MG_6954Okay, that might be a little broad. My family loves to stay at the centrally located, Yachats, OR because we love  Trail 804. The trail features sights and activities for various levels of mobility. The smelt sands are really interesting depending on the time of year; they are a few hundred feet from the parking lot. The trail extends one mile to the north, ending on an expanse of beach reaching more than five miles. On the beach, tide pools and coastal wildlife are often spotted.


I love the Sea Lion Caves. The drive from Yachats, OR is beautiful, passing through Cape Perpetua. Hiking abounds between Yachats and Sea Lion Caves. The actual exhibit is a bit of a hike for those of us with limited mobility, but it is well worth the views. If you can’t walk to the elevator down, you will enjoy the views, but the price to get in may not be worth the excursion. If the hill doesn’t bother your body, the caves are really interesting when inhabited by sea lions.

IMG_0029Another favorite photography spot it Yaquina Head Lighthouse. The walk to and around the lighthouse itself is short and sweet. Winds can be brutal in the winter and spring, but the ruggedness of the Oregon Coast creates it’s beauty. Below the lighthouse is a beautiful interactive tide pool hosted by the Forest Service. Guides can point out species and warn of foul weather. Seals and sea lions often rest on the outer rocks.


I also love the Cannon Beach area because of the interesting beach and rock formations. It’s a photographer’s paradise. This area is also close to beautiful Oswald State Park and Neahkahnie Mountain.

DSCN0169If you make it to the Oregon Coast, I would love to hear your favorite spots!


24 thoughts on “12 Must-See Oregon Destinations: The Oregon Coast

  1. This Summer my husband and I (and dogs in tow) drove from Los Angeles all the way to Bandon (longer drive than I thought!). Loved the Oregon coast: like Northern California but bigger and greener.

    • What a beautiful drive! Did you have favorite spots?

      When my daughter was a teenager we did the 101 from Southern Oregon to San Diego. It’s amazing how much the landscape and beaches change regionally.

      • Well, I am partial to Big Sur and the Mendocino coast, but I loved the majesty of the South Oregon coast. Loved the beaches around Bandon and Sunset Beach by Charlston. There is also a fabulous park by the estuary near Bandon (I think it’s called the Slough National Estuarine Reserve). We didn’t come across a single person when we visited!

  2. Of course I am already partial to the California coast . . . so now I must go further north. I think the coast is beautiful no matter where it is, and you pictures capture that beauty so very well.

  3. Hey Mike, just wanted to tell you that my wife and I both loved these photos. I got to show her a bit of the coast while we were there. She fell in love with it. Someday hopefully we will return and see a bit more of it. Until then we will continue to get it vicariously through your lense. Thanks.

  4. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for sharing. I lived in Cannon Beach about 40 yards from the walkway to Haystack Rock back in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s. I plan to return there in the next couple of years with camera in hand. Really looking forward to it. You’ve whet my appetite. 🙂

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