12 Must-See Oregon Destinations: Summer Lake


Summer Lake, is one of my year-round favorite places. It has a fascinating history stemming from the Pleistocene era. I enjoy photographing and seeing the ample bird species in the refuge.

IMG_0708 IMG_0650 IMG_0659


15 thoughts on “12 Must-See Oregon Destinations: Summer Lake

  1. Beautiful! A friend of mine told me about this place a while back. She said lots of birds lived in the area- I’ve always wanted to visit. Birds one of my favorite wildlife species. Thanks for sharing your pictures.:)

      • Learned to drive in Boston’s snowy winter, then lived in the Sierras and Utah’s mountains. Essentially, I’m not thrilled at driving in it, but I can do it if I must. Ran into some snow up near Crater Lake on my way home from Utah about mid-May this year. I think what unnerves me are all these signs warning that chains are “required”. I remember going everywhere in snow with my old VW bug (unless I high-centered)… of course the years have added a tad more caution! 😉

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