12 Must-See Oregon Destinations: Newberry Crater

Newberry Crater

It’s really worth more than a passing drive. Again, this natural playground features beautiful things and activities for people with a wide variety of mobility levels. One can boat at either Paulina or East Lake. For those with more mobility, there is a beautiful 7.5 mile trail beginning at Paulina Falls and circling the lake. It passes through amazing fishing and offers beautiful views of Paulina Peak. For lighter hiking, the falls is less than a quarter-mile from the parking lot. This area features amazing bike rides, hot springs, and camping. The geology of Newberry Crater is some of the most interesting in the area. Newberry is a shield volcano, meaning it is opposite of most of the volcanoes in the Bend, OR area. Some of its lava flows pass lay under Bend and Redmond, OR. I highly recommend making this a stop on your Oregon travels. I love driving to the top of Newberry Peak. You can see miles of Oregon from there.paulinalakefrompaulinapeak paulinaandeastlakefromppeak



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