12 Must-See Oregon Destinations: The Cascade Lakes Highway

Ah, yes, home. The Cascade Lakes Highway is that little 66 mile stretch outside Bend, OR. One of its features is beautiful Mt. Bachelor, world renown ski area. Opening behind Mt. Bachelor, one sees the expanse of South and Middle Sister settled behind Broken Top. Driving through the winding scenic vistas, one passes countless lakes, myriads of hiking trails, and paddler’s dreams. Wildlife and aviation sightings abound from the road, particularly at dusk.

Broken Top

Broken Top from Green Lakes Trailhead


Devil’s Lake


South Sister from Elk Lake Beach


View from Lava Lake


Mt. Bachelor from Hosmer Lake

Sparks Lake from Ray Atkenson Trail

cultus lake sunset

Sunset at Cultus Lake Resort

14 thoughts on “12 Must-See Oregon Destinations: The Cascade Lakes Highway

      • I’m hearing from the kids that the air is not so clear at the moment because of several wildfires still out of control down in that entire region.

      • The summer can be tricky because of that fact. It depends on how the winds are moving. I hear different smoke reports every day dependent on which lake you head to. The fall can be really pretty if you are looking to stop through. Usually, the fires calm down, the temperatures are cooler, but if you beat the snow, you can get to places you can only reach when the heat of the summer has melted all of the snow. : )

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