12 Must-See Oregon Destinations: Historic Columbia River Highway

If you are viewing and reading this blog, you know I have limited mobility. This means I have fewer places I can get to appreciate this beautiful country. However, I have turned a tough situation into an opportunity to be thankful for what I do have: many opportunities to view and participate in gorgeous, wild landscapes from fairly close to a road or highway.

You might notice many of these posts in this series offer scenic vistas from (largely) roads and parking lots. I hope I am accurately showcasing some of the amazing things people in similar situations to mine can still see, do and participate in. I do have two adult children who are happy to go with me on these adventures, and often return to the spots to participate in the plethora of more physical activities these areas offer. I hope as you read and view this blog, you are able to find ways to appreciate the beauty here. If you have friends or parents with limited mobility, I would encourage you to show them this blog. : )

The Historic Columbia River Highway is one of my favorite drives because it highlights amazing things that aren’t too far away for my walking constraints. When we were younger my wife and I hiked many of the gorgeous opportunities throughout this drive, as my children do now. Now, I am happy to see the scenery and participate with nature through photography.

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12 thoughts on “12 Must-See Oregon Destinations: Historic Columbia River Highway

  1. The frozen Multnomah is absolutely divine. My husband had a spinal injury in 1990 which resulted in him being an ‘incomplete’ quad. I took care of him for close to twenty years and we did quite a bit of traveling until health issues gradually slowed him down. I always felt guilty for those times when he couldn’t get out to some places because of the limited mobility. In some ways I suppose I’m making up for it now. So now age is starting to catch up with me. Still I agree that it’s wonderful to get out and about whenever or wherever one can. You’re lucky to have kids willing to help.

  2. You’ve read my blog a few times, so you know I’m constantly raving about the Gorge. I simply love your icy Multnomah Falls. It’s one of my very favourite scenic spots that is truly right on the highway. I can see you got off onto the Old Highway, and I agree, an amazing drive if one must stay in the car. If you head through again, take the Washington side, and be amazed all over again. Thanks for showcasing one of my favourite places. 🙂

    • I am happy to do so… as you say, the Washington side is also an amply beautiful drive with opportunities for recreation. I would agree and highly recommend it to any readers looking for a day drive.

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