12 Must-See Oregon Destinations: Alvord Desert

alvordhills alvordwinter icecrystalsonalvordrockshotsprings petroglyphsalvord bonesalvordsteens alvordsand

I love this barren landscape. It’s fascinating and remote. When I took these shots, I was a lot younger. Think pre-age related disability. I traveled by VWBus. My kids now wish we had held onto it, but camping in the thing was frigid. All weekend, the dog and I froze. When I came across the hot springs, I realized it was probably my only shot of getting warm for the weekend. This trip flowed between the Steens Mountains, the Alvord Desert, and the Wallowas.


10 thoughts on “12 Must-See Oregon Destinations: Alvord Desert

  1. Everytime i come across your shots, i realize after sometime that my mouth was left open. And after i realize, all that comes out my mouth is WOWW !!!
    Great shots Mike…Its always refreshing to visit your blog.

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