Early Fall Color in Camp Wilderness, MN




14 thoughts on “Early Fall Color in Camp Wilderness, MN

  1. Mike, this is absolutely beautiful. I love this time of year. Hope you’re all keeping warm out there! And please enjoy the beautiful Alaskan weather for me. I heard some places already had snow today- nice.:)

  2. That’s right, I’m so sorry. I have no idea why I’m thinking you’re in Alaska. 🙂 I do know you’re living in Oregon, I’ve been enjoying your pictures of Oregon since Spring. I think I’m just thinking about Alaska The Last Frontier on Discovery, and my mind is in Alaska.:) I don’t watch much t.v. but I do like that show (that and Mountain Men).

      • Yes, you are so right on that, that is so true. I was talking to a friend the other day about wanting to move to somewhere up north. I would love to live in either Alaska, Oregon or Montana. Oregon because of the beautiful lush trees and mountain ranges, and rainy days, and reservoirs. Alaska, because of it’s climate and wildlife. And Montana, because of wide open spaces and beautiful skies. One day perhaps… one day.:)

  3. And I am so glad, as I’ve enjoyed your pictures tremendously! Many mornings I log on to WP and find beautiful, gorgeous, enchanting pictures on my reader…and they’re like added blessings to my day.:)

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