Three Crops: Which do you prefer?

CRW_5171 5171a 5171b



45 thoughts on “Three Crops: Which do you prefer?

  1. In my opinion, the first image. It’s a wider crop that includes into the image elements that fulfills the photo more so than without such.

      • The first crop appears–to my eyes at least–more complete than the latter two. There is better balance of space in the first one. The second crop has my eyes stop dead starting from the left onto the cabin (most eyes will follow left to right); the third works better than the second as with the cabin more on the right third of the frame, my eyes seem to follow more fluidly from the empty space on the left onto the right third revealing the cabin. Turning back to the first image, however, my eyes goes from left, then to right, and then all around. In the wider crop, all of the elements–the cabin itself, the space and sky on the left, the trees on the right, the grass on the foreground (bottom third)–work in good harmony. Therefore, again to my eyes at least, the first image appears as the most appealing of the three.

  2. I like the second one. For me, the first takes in the entire scene, the second takes my eye to the little building in back. The third takes my eye to the fog. Just for me, the mystery of what is tucked away in that little back building is most interesting. Thanks for asking!

    • Thank you for the detailed response! I felt the same way. I noticed when I cropped the image differently, it changed not just the focus, the the emotion of the image. They say different things… thank you for sharing my sentiments!

      • I just read K Dao’s comments about the composition of the photos, and so agree with the way the eyes work. That seems technically how the emotion is conveyed.,, It is so interesting how powerful the simple cropping is. It makes me wonder if people mentally crop their visual experiences to suit their world views?

  3. Not one to follow the crowd, I’ll go for the third because it leads me down the path around the house and beyond. Though the first one would be a second choice for the same reason, though the large tree on the right tends to drag the eye away from the path.

  4. My first impression was that I liked the landscape-dominated first photo best. But when I re-viewed them, I found myself having a visceral response to the house-dominated second photo…I felt compelled to open the door and walk in.

    • Wow! That’s so cool. Thank you for sharing. I love hearing how such a simple thing changes people’s experience with the photo. As I’ve noted, I certainly noticed a difference.

  5. Loving almost any shot with fog, it’s tough to make a choice. I was positive I liked the 2nd one the best until I opened my screen up to full-view and right away I went with photo #1 due to how the shades of the fog seem to move with the eye in one direction only. This ‘one eye direction’ allowed me time to appreciate the details of the photo instead of rushing about.

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