About Mike McMurray’s Forest Photography

Mike McMurray’s Forest Photography creates beautiful American forest photography.
Mike McMurray’s Forest Photography includes over 180,000 images: wildlife, endangered species, sunsets, beaches, outdoor activities, grasslands, deserts, hardwood forests, temperate forests, rainforests, forests that no longer exist, forest fires, forest management, logging and lumber, and contract photos.Mike McMurray’s Forest Photography specializes in stock photography, advertising materials, videography, and calendars. Mike McMurray’s Forest Photography is a division of MEI Communications. We live and work in Bend, Oregon.

13 thoughts on “About Mike McMurray’s Forest Photography

  1. You live in Bend? My old stomping grounds. I really love how your page shows the header image and the page scrolls down over top of it. It’s a very interesting effect. Was that a special template you bought, or was it a custom-made thing? Just curious, it’s too cool! One more question, forests that no longer exist? Is that petrified wood or clearcuts or what?

    • Central Oregon is a beautiful place! We have lived in Oregon many years.

      The template is Book Lite. We made a few modifications, but it’s out there.

      I have had the privilege of working with foresters nationwide; some of the lands were public and some were private. In both types, some of the forests have been clear-cut or sold. Hence, some of my “photography vault” is longer forestland. Also, because I have been an outdoor photographer for over 30 years, I have pictures of places like Mt. St. Helens before she blew. Or forests before and after wildfires. It’s a beautiful experience to be able to document how healthy forests look before, during, and after natural and manmade alterations.

  2. Hi Mike,
    After reading about what you do I feel very honored that you enjoy my photography. I would very much enjoy it you would point out maybe how I might be able to get more out of my work. Again Thanks.

      • Thanks, Mike. One thing I really enjoy about your work is where you are going to do your photo work. I have always loved Utah’s landscape, it’s very beautiful. The Northwest became my home before I moved here, so it to holds a place in my heart. So please let me know, I really need some professional assistance and a professional’s eyes. Thanks again.

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