Going Forward…

Hello faithful readers of my blog,

Thank you for taking such an interest in my work. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Some of you have noticed, I am publishing fewer posts. The truth is, my administrator at my business is leaving for a new opportunity. She has been responsible for making sure posts happen on time-ish. While I will miss her, I will try to keep posting. However, I expect I will be posting less regularly.

I so appreciate you following my photoblog. Please keep checking back.


Top posts of 2013

13-st-helens-layers https://mikemcmurray.wordpress.com/2013/06/18/early-mt-st-helens-eruption-photos/ glacier-national-parlhttps://mikemcmurray.wordpress.com/2013/02/08/glacier-national-park-montana/



Liebster Award

A big thanks to Johnathan Ness, of Your True Value for nominating me with a Liebster Award. While some view these “chain letter” awards as tedious, I find it a fascinating way to experience new bloggers and their work. Since I don’t usually write much on my blog, I am bending the rules and not applying the questions to this blog. I am, however, nominating some great blogs so you, the reader, can stumble upon them.


Here are ten blogs I love:

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10) Nature Has No Boss

Here are the rules:

Upon accepting the Liebster Award, there are a few rules that need to be followed:

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12 Must-See Oregon Destinations: Historic Columbia River Highway

If you are viewing and reading this blog, you know I have limited mobility. This means I have fewer places I can get to appreciate this beautiful country. However, I have turned a tough situation into an opportunity to be thankful for what I do have: many opportunities to view and participate in gorgeous, wild landscapes from fairly close to a road or highway.

You might notice many of these posts in this series offer scenic vistas from (largely) roads and parking lots. I hope I am accurately showcasing some of the amazing things people in similar situations to mine can still see, do and participate in. I do have two adult children who are happy to go with me on these adventures, and often return to the spots to participate in the plethora of more physical activities these areas offer. I hope as you read and view this blog, you are able to find ways to appreciate the beauty here. If you have friends or parents with limited mobility, I would encourage you to show them this blog. : )

The Historic Columbia River Highway is one of my favorite drives because it highlights amazing things that aren’t too far away for my walking constraints. When we were younger my wife and I hiked many of the gorgeous opportunities throughout this drive, as my children do now. Now, I am happy to see the scenery and participate with nature through photography.

columbiarivergorge  urbane horsetail multnomahfallswinter fallsfrozenmfalls

12 Must-See Oregon Destinations: Newberry Crater

Newberry Crater

It’s really worth more than a passing drive. Again, this natural playground features beautiful things and activities for people with a wide variety of mobility levels. One can boat at either Paulina or East Lake. For those with more mobility, there is a beautiful 7.5 mile trail beginning at Paulina Falls and circling the lake. It passes through amazing fishing and offers beautiful views of Paulina Peak. For lighter hiking, the falls is less than a quarter-mile from the parking lot. This area features amazing bike rides, hot springs, and camping. The geology of Newberry Crater is some of the most interesting in the area. Newberry is a shield volcano, meaning it is opposite of most of the volcanoes in the Bend, OR area. Some of its lava flows pass lay under Bend and Redmond, OR. I highly recommend making this a stop on your Oregon travels. I love driving to the top of Newberry Peak. You can see miles of Oregon from there.paulinalakefrompaulinapeak paulinaandeastlakefromppeak


Which image do you prefer?

SE Alaska oscar wilde two quote

Crop Results from March 22, 2013


For those of you curious, here are the results from the image crop poll on March 22, 2013. Thank you all for participating and voicing your opinions. I was pleasantly surprised. Please don’t let this deter you from voting. I still enjoy hearing what people like and why! https://mikemcmurray.wordpress.com/2013/03/22/poll-which-composition-do-you-prefer/