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6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. You live in a beautiful country. You are a very lucky man.
    I love the way you use HDR in your photos.
    I have had a go at that myself but not with such dramatic results.
    How do you setup your camera? I have tried +/- 1 and 2 stops with limited success.

  2. I use Photomatrix Pro, however there are several other software programs available including Photoshop. Here is a Youtube link you might find useful. I typically bracket +/- 2 or more stops, you just have to experiment. Make sure you use the same f-stop for all images in a bracket. Adjust your exposure, use a tripod, cable release or timer.

    Then just experiment. I have found that dynamic lighting will give best results usually. Within Photomatrix there are unlimited possibilities for adjustments, then when you add in Photoshop Raw adjustments and Photoshops capabilities, your creative juices will get excited.

    Good shooting.


  3. Hi Mike.
    Thanks for the reply. Some things to chew over there for me. Just found Photomatrix Pro 4.0 on Amazon for a £105.00. But I do already have Photoshop CS5.5 so I shall experiment with that first. I have just bought myself an xmas present of a Canon EOS 60D as an upgrade to my EOS 1000D. Armed with that and the new information you have given me I should be able to experiment right through the spring.
    Thanks again

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