About the Artist

40 years of North American photography from a unique perspective

Over the last 12 years Mike has lost the ability to get out and hike due to degenerative joints. Mike has rediscovered photography from ‘the road’. Blossoming as he learned to deal with his handicap, Mike’s photography reflects his love of the outdoors. Mike’s work captures America’s beautiful scenery, wildlife, and captivating natural majesty from areas where he (or almost anyone) can drive to without having to walk very far.


25 thoughts on “About the Artist

  1. I think your work is not only impressing but also very important! I’m learning and practicing photography in order to accompany my writing. I discovered I enjoy it very much but I find it difficult to capture nature and its elements and your pictures convey me what I would love to achieve. All the best, Jessica.

  2. Thank you for stopping by and liking one of my culinary (photography) posts! Beautiful work you have on here & beauty is all around us, if we have the eye for it, I believe.

  3. Thank you for checking out my recipe. Your photography is absolutely beautiful! It amazes and saddens me all at once to know those kinds of views are nearby, but most of us never see it because we’re too wrapped up in technology to take a second and look around.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello Mike, thank you for visiting my blog! Looking at all of your wonderful images makes me long for travelling around the US again. I was lucky in that my job for several years allowed me three months off to free-travel around the country, and I spent most of it exploring places similar to what you photograph. Do you have a favorite place that you have visited?

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