Photography Tips from the Pro

Be patient.  I am guilty of taking short cuts…. like not using a tri-pod when I know I should.  When I do, I can investigate an area  from the banks of a stream for instance.  I can spend an hour or more trying various settings, depth of field exposures (don’t you love the instant feedback of digital cameras ? They are a lot different and less costly than film in the old days)  and other settings.

It’s amazing what you can find in a very confined space.  Since my mobility has become very difficult in recent years, I now see what I was missing when before I could just shoot a shot, then walk 50 yards and shoot something else and move on rapidly.

Now I take the time to really see what’s around me and enjoy the wonder of God’s creation.  The minute details are awe-inspiring.  The complexity of His majesty, if for no other reason, made me a believer.

So, be patient.  Good photos are all around you….. just waiting to be creatively taken.


5 thoughts on “Photography Tips from the Pro

  1. This is a lesson I am learning. Last summer my husband bicycled across the US and I was the sag wagon driver. I had my camera and challenged myself to find something interesting wherever I parked awaiting his arrival. I will never forget sitting by a hot, dusty road in Kansas looking at dried grass, faded flowers and barbwire. To my surprise, I found the dried head of a flower wrapped around the barb in the barb wire fence secured against wind, rain or snow. The image I caught of that tenacious barb holding that dried flower remains one of my favorites from the trip. Since then I frequently challenge myself to find something worthy of making a picture in a place where others rush by. Thanks for the reminder–and for stopping by my blog.

  2. Although I worked in the city, my vacations and my heart were always in the high wilderness, so I feel your story personally. Our solution to aging was to put down roots to observe and nurture one beautiful place. Your brief description of your personal solution is rich and enriching. Thank you.

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